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Top Garden Projects for January

One of the best gardening months of the entire year is January. This is an ideal month to plant fruit, flowering and shade trees, dormant spray, prune and eliminate weeds.

WINTER PLANT PROTECTION - If you still have your cut Christmas tree around, donít throw it away. You can cut off the branches and use them to cover tender or early flowering plants. Cut boughs from evergreens, like the cut Christmas tree, are natural coverings for plants during cold weather. Then when you are all through with the evergreen boughs they can be recycled through the compost pile or shredded and used for mulching.   

PLANTING TREES AND SHRUBS - If you are thinking of adding any fruit, flowering or shade trees to the garden, this would be a good time to select and plant them. Plus, because the trees are dormant, they transplant with a minimum amount of set-back. Incidentally, if you are considering fruit trees be sure to ask which of the varieties are recommended for our area, so you get varieties that will produce the very best, quality fruit.

January is also a great month to select and plant roses. Likewise, evergreens and deciduous shrubs can easily be planted anytime the temperatures are above freezing.  

DORMANT SPRAYING - Early winter is a good time to make an application of Dormant spray to help control over-wintering insect and disease problems. Call us to schedule Mike Thiede our chemical technician to protect your trees and roses with Merit.

PRUNING - Do you have any pruning to do? January is a great month to prune most deciduous trees and shrubs. Fruit, flowering and shade trees can be pruned at this time. Do not prune spring flowering plants, like quince, forsythia or Spirea, etc. as you would be removing their spring flowers. If needed, these plants can be pruned when the plants have finished flowering.  

WEEDS - Have you checked the garden recently? Youíll be amazed at how many weeds have already flowered and are now going to seed. Get rid of those weeds before the seeds have scattered over the garden. Many weeds are capable of producing thousands of seeds, and left unchecked, you'll be fighting those weeds for years to come.

SLUG CONTROL - Have you seen any slugs lately? I have, and this is a good time to eliminate them too, Every slug left to roam the garden will reproduce two hundred off-springs this spring, summer and fall. In addition, the offspring will also reproduce young. So you can make a major reduction in the slug population in your garden by eliminating them now.

BULBS - Did you forget to plant your bulbs? Although it's getting late, if you havenít planted your Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths or Crocus, take time and get them into the soil right away. 

What you accomplish this month in the garden, will definitely cut-down on garden maintenance the rest of this winter. Call us to schedule enhancement projects in your landscape. 530 894-5433

For more information on winter gardening check this site - 

• April is the time to mulch!

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